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No word of a lie, Matt’s having an adventure in Didcot.

October 14, 2019 ,
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Matt will be deploying all of his ridiculous skill set when he heads to Didcot for Goblin Theatre / Cornerstone Arts production of The Adventures of Pinocchio!

Playing the MD & Lead Cricket which will involved everything you would expect from a performer in a Christmas production as well as arranging and leading the music as the MD.

Join us at the Spinning Yarn Storytelling Bar, with musical storytelling extraordinaire The Blues Fairy. Together with her band, ‘The Crickets’, she tells the story of Pinocchio.

We meet Gepetto as he creates Pinocchio, and follow the naughty puppet with the growing nose as he learns to make sense of a confusing world. From finding fame and fortune to finding himself in the belly of a whale, will he side with the good Blues Fairy, or fall foul of the tricky Fox? 

The classic story of Pinocchio is brought to life in a hilarious and vibrant new version with original songs and music, performed live by actor musicians supported by a talented young company ensemble from the local community

A much loved tale from the creative team behind The Nutcracker and the Mouse King and The Pied Piper. Cornerstone and Goblin Theatre present The Adventures of Pinocchio in Christmas 2019.