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James is shipwrecked… in Corby!?

October 12, 2019 ,
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James Blake Butler - Ashrow Talent Management Actors in the Midlands and UK

James Blake – Butler is really excited to be joining New Old Friends for their Christmas season at The Core in Corby where they will be performing a new adaptation of Swiss Family Robinson.

When a family find themselves shipwrecked on a deserted island, they have to use all of their wits, strengths and skills to build a new home. As well as finding shelter and safety on the island, they (and their dog) must also make friends with the local inhabitants who are all manner of creatures, some friendly and some not.

New Old Friends have won national acclaim for their particular brand of entertaining and engaging theatre and this production will be overflowing with creativity. Delivered by a cast of just four talented performers, the show will feature stunning ship-wrecks, wonderful wild animals, glorious gags, marvellous machines, stupendous songs and witty wordplay.

Swiss Family Robinson

Swiss Family Robinson