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Frank Simms

June 10, 2019 ,
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Frank Declining the Future

Frank was shipped off to dance lessons aged just 3. Who knew then that he would reach his 30’s getting steadily rounder but still able to nail a double pirouette (apparently).

Frank trained professionally in Musical Theatre at Arts Ed graduating in 2009. His performing experience has seen him work across all disciplines from ‘Singin in the Rain’ to ‘Chekhov’. Along the way he has also dabbled in producing, directing, choreographing, script adaptation, company / stage managing and many a late night session of sound and video editing too! Frank has also worked as an environmental consultant which is where his all round love of admin was honed to a fine T.

Although Frank is responsible for most of the nonsense on our website blog posts he also specialises in the recruitment side of the agency. His passion is trying to smooth the transition between the wonderfully intense but supportive world of drama school with the cold hard reality of the industry itself thus ensuring our clients have a chance to develop their CV’s in as supportive an agency as possible.

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