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Double and triple trouble!

June 17, 2019 ,
Beth Granville 1 - Ashrow Talent Management Actors in the Midlands and UK
Laura Loutit and Jessica Bates

After outstanding performances in Little Women (where they were sisters), Shrek (where they were the same person) and their showcase (separated at last) we are over the moon to welcome Laura Loutit and Jessica Bates from the brilliant MT course at GSA.

We think it’s safe to assume they were okay in 9-5 too.

Apologies to Laura, Laura, Jess, Jessica and Jessica – we really don’t know how this has happened! (We just try to find talented performers)

Check out their Spotlight pages for more information: Laura (https://www.spotlight.com/5734-3426-1555) & Jessica (https://www.spotlight.com/0013-6753-0533)