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Chandni and James are Giants!

July 20, 2019 ,
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Alex Draper Ashrow Talent Management
Chandni Mistry and James Blake Butler

This summer Chandni and James have again joined Lamphouse Theatre for one of their wondeful new summer creations and this year ‘There Be Giants!’


“We bet you’ve never heard a folk tale from Hampton. Well, now all that’s about to change!”  

Join Lamphouse Theatre and Eastern Angles for an entertaining, musical, whistle stop tour of the history of Hampton, with a few true bits thrown in for good measure. What’s so special about the Hampton mud? Were there ever giants living here? How were the brick ovens really fired? And what have Great Crested Newts got to do with it all? 

​Prepare yourself for a rip-roaring ride through history, from the Jurassic Age to the age of the Shopping Centre in just 45 minutes. Meet magical creatures, tap your toes to catchy tunes and rekindle your love of this fabulous flatland. 

There be Giants

There be Giants!