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Welcome Hayley Davis

March 29, 2018
Hayley Davis - Ashrow Talent Management Actors in the Midlands and UK

As with so many of our actors we have worked alongside Hayley on a number of occasions and as such she has been on our radar for a little while. We are delighted she has now joined ATM as a born and …

Spring cheer….

March 19, 2018
New Faces Spring 2018 - Ashrow Talent Management

We always like to welcome our new recruits with open arms and a fanfare. So it helps that there are some actor muso’s amongst the latest members of the Ashrow family! A warm welcome to: AJ Stevenson – Who we’ve been aware …

Hang fire!

March 9, 2018
New Ashrow word floating

Sorry for the lack of news! There are technical changes to our website taking place so we are hanging fire on posting all the things that are going on until everything is in place. I’m working on them now I promise!

A talented trio

September 22, 2017
Elizabeth Matthew and Monty 2 - Ashrow Talent Management, Actors in the midlands and uk

As ever we are terribly excited to add to our talented bunch of actors and these three certainly bring plenty to the table. Elizabeth Huxley is an actor muso we have been tracking for some time bringing an exceptional level of classical …

Doubling up on Kieron’s

June 16, 2017
Kieron Murch Headshot - Ashrow Talent Management

A warm ATM welcome to Kieron Murch who has just graduated from Mountview with a BA in Musical Theatre. Alongside his outstanding training across the board Kieron is also highly skilled in ice skating and plays the Tuba! Might be quite a …

Welcome Megan Petite

June 16, 2017
Megan Petite - Ashrow Talent Management Actors in the Midlands and UK

We are pleased to announce that joining us fresh from MADD college in Nottingham is Birmingham native Megan Petite. Megan brings a particularly high level of singing and dancing in particular to the agency and is very much looking forward to flexing …

Welcome Victoria and Katherine!

May 11, 2017
Victoria and Katherine - Ashrow Talent Management, Actors in the midlands and uk

Musical Theatre is a funny old thing. We like to refer to ‘triple threats’. The standard you need to work at across Singing, Dancing and Acting is incredibly high. Somehow we managed to unearth two real gems at the same time! Joining …