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Back on track….

March 18, 2018 ,
New Ashrow word floating
Julia Faulkner - Ashrow Talent Management Actors in the Midlands and UK
New Ashrow word floating

Right here come a whole string of belated updates… but first a few quick bits of ‘house keeping’ that might not warrant a full post but are still good news all round.

Kieron Murch was retained by WEIS and continues to pop up here there and everywhere!

Taryn Taylor was retained by MGA for their spring tour.

Laura Mae Mellor and Emily Vinnicombe, guess what they were ‘retained’ (but are just about part of the furnishings!) by Arletty Theatre for another round of Quilter and the Ghost.

Benjamin Saysell was asked back by PIE for their spring tour of ‘Streetwise’.

Nothing says job well done like being asked to stay on!