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Ashrow Talent Management was set up in 2015 by Rowan Scarborough, Frank Simms, Sarah Carleton and Shelley Draper. All four agents have a wealth of experience as performers and creatives, including producing, directing and casting, and provide personal and approachable management for the actors of Ashrow, taking pride in the achievements of them all.

As well as representing Actors based in London, Ashrow Talent Management has a specific niche in the Midlands, where all four agents have family and professional connections. The regions are an important and valuable part of the UK arts industry and Ashrow believe it is vital that artists with bases all over the country should have strong representation.

If you are interested in representation, please send your CV (ideally a link to your Spotlight page), headshot and cover letter to the representation email address on our contact page – as a general rule, we would prefer to see you work, so if you are appearing in anything in the near future, please do include details of this with your application. We do not represent extras or walk ons and membership of Spotlight is a prerequisite.

A bit about each of us and some of the companies we have recently worked with can be found below:


Sarah Carleton

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Sarah Carleton began her career in her teens, training in the repertory company at Bristol Little Theatre, an…
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Frank Simms

June 10, 2019 by
Frank was shipped off to dance lessons aged just 3. Who knew then that he would reach his…
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