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A talented trio

September 22, 2017 ,
Frank Simms - Ashrow Talent Management Actors in the Midlands and UK
Ben and Taryn - Ashrow Talent Management Actors in the Midlands and UK
Elizabeth Matthew and Monty 2 - Ashrow Talent Management, Actors in the midlands and uk

As ever we are terribly excited to add to our talented bunch of actors and these three certainly bring plenty to the table.

Elizabeth Huxley is an actor muso we have been tracking for some time bringing an exceptional level of classical singing and piano along with her refined acting.

Matthew Biddulph is a native of Nottingham who recently graduated from East 15 and got in touch prior to performing at the Edinburgh Fringe in a new comedy ‘Leaf’ which has subsequently won the New Diorama Theatre First Award.

Monty Leigh performed alongside Simon and Christina in ‘Torn Apart’. Monty is not only an actor with a great strength of character but is also an experienced director and writer and is delighted to be joining Barbera Houseman’s new all female company ‘Dangerous Spaces’.

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