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 Ashrow Talent Management provide professional actors to the East Midlands and the UK


Ashrow Talent Management Actors in the Midlands and UK
Kieron Murch
Lizzie Song
Laura Loutit
Robin Harvey Edwards
Jessica Bates
Mike Aherne
Hannah Benson
Victoria Boyce
Beth Granville
Jessica Frances
Danny Hendrix
Rebecca D'Souza
Client slide
Jordan Laidley
Shelley Draper
Peter Henderson
Rowan Scarborough
Ellisha Blake
Jenny Earl
Tim Murphy
Nerine Skinner
David Monteith
Elle MacAllen
Rebecca Holmes
Laura Mae Mellor
Caitlin Sloan
Simon Donohue
Georgia Jackson
Taryn Taylor
Chris McCreery
Chandri Mistry
Tricia Harrison
Frank Simms
Emily Vinnicombe
Benjamin Saysell
Charles Cromwell
Emma Ruth
Julia Faulkner
Elizabeth Huxley
Matthew Biddulph
Monty Leigh
Jess Woordward
Nigel Harris
Robert Stone
Carolyn Murray
AJ Stevenson
Matt Heslop
James Blake Butler
Aimee Berwick
Catherine Davies
Conor Deane
Zosie Jenks
Taoana Tsiki
Tony Claassen
Kat Engall
Edward Spence
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June 10, 2019 by
Remember Monty’s commercial? We can now reveal it was filming with Peter Crouch for Carphone Warhouse. The campaign…
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A test for Jessica.

April 7, 2019 by
Congratulations to Jessica Frances who is joining Chalk Line Theatre’s forthcoming run of Testament in the role of…
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